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Secure Your Event

For an event hoping to attract 1,000 people it only needs ten (10) counterfeit ticket holders to gain access to the event for the organiser to lose a considerable amount of potential earnings ( the bottom line ! )

By preventing counterfeiting the amount saved will easily cover the cost of printing a set of security tickets.

Secprint offer various security features on your entry tickets / vouchers depending on the level of security


• Watermarked paper
• Tear- apparent ( coloured centre ) security paper
• Metallic or Holographic foil stamps
• Unique Reference Numbering ( URN’s )
• Barcoding / QR coding

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Promote Your Event

• Digitally printed Flyers / Leaflets
• Digitally printed Posters for indoor and outdoor use
• Canvas Banners / Flags

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Print Your Event

• Entry tickets
• Meal / Refreshment / Bar Vouchers
• Security Passes / Lanyards
• Car Park Passes / Hanger

Fast turnaround on all the above products. Usually within 72 hours from agreement of final proofs

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