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Old vs New: How Our Printers Work in Harmony to Produce Secure Tickets

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Secprint Ltd boasts the operation of the Original Heidelberg Platen Press – combining traditional letterpress mechanics with today’s cutting-edge print practices to provide premium printed products for the event industry and beyond.

Read on to discover how our old and new printing technology works together in perfect harmony to produce secure event tickets, lanyard cards, and more!

Our Original Heidelberg: Security Foiling

The Original Heidelberg Platen Press was a traditional letterpress printing press. It was manufactured by the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen company in 1914 and was at the forefront of German printing technology at the time. The machine was also known as the Heidelberg Windmill, Super Heidelberg, or Super Speed.

Although the Original Heidelberg is no longer being manufactured, it can occasionally be seen in use by letterpress enthusiasts. Some have also been converted to suit modern-day print practices. The Heidelberg used by the team at Secprint has been with us for over 15 years – and we have 2! Ours were converted a long time ago, and now we use them to press premium security foiling.

Our Heidelberg security foiling capabilities place us in a unique position within the print industry – in fact, we don’t know another company like ours that uses a Heidelberg. It offers holographic and metallic foiling, adding crucial security features and enhanced visuals for event tickets, VIP and backstage passes, car mirror hanger permits, bespoke carton packaging, and more.

The Importance of Security Foiling for Secure Event Tickets

1. Prevents Counterfeiting

The primary purpose of security foiling is to prevent counterfeiting. Unique foiling creates irreplicable optical effects, making secure event tickets impossible to duplicate.

This ensures that only authorised, paying guests can enter the event. Simply knowing that tickets are likely to feature security foiling also acts as an effective deterrent for attempting to replicate tickets at all.

2. Faster Authentication

Professionally printed security foiling makes it easy to recognise valid tickets against falsified tickets, enabling gate staff to quickly process guest admissions.

This means that queue waiting times can be kept to a minimum, reducing the risk of overcrowding and ensuring guests have an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

3. Safety Assurance

By enabling the quick and accurate authentication of valid tickets, security foiling assures gate staff that they have only permitted authorised persons to enter the venue. This is crucial for ensuring the protection of paying guests and employees working at the event.

4. Adds A Premium Finish

Security foiling not only plays a vital role in event security management but is also an effective way to enhance the appearance of tickets, lanyard passes, car mirror hangers, packaging, and other printed products for events.

Metallic gold or silver foiling adds a particularly striking, premium finish, which emphasises a sense of quality in both the look and feel of all kinds of printed products. This can contribute to enhancing the credibility and reputation of the event organiser, helping them drive growth for the future.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Security foiling is a quick, clean, and economical process, and paper products stamped with foiling can still be de-inked, recycled, or repulped.

This means organisations can use secure event tickets throughout their events while working towards achieving their sustainability objectives.

6. Complements Other Printing Techniques

Security foiling is often paired with embossing or debossing, which gives tickets, packaging boxes, and other printed products a high-quality, 3D look and feel.

By complementing other printing techniques, security foiling offers a variety of capabilities for optimising event management and marketing strategies – helping to leave meaningful, lasting impressions on a wider audience.

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Old vs New: Secure Event Tickets from Secprint

When we first converted our Original Heidelberg Platen Presses, we primarily printed football and rugby season tickets. Much of this sector has since turned to digital solutions, relying on electronic event registrations, tickets, and passes. To stay competitive, we needed to diversify the use of our Heidelberg presses – and now, we integrate the traditional and the modern to maximise our output.

For instance, our advanced, digital die-cutting machine can cut out our bespoke lanyard cards in a matter of minutes. Then, with a seamless transition over to the Heidelberg, they can be finished with premium security foiling and prepared for packing. Our headquarters also leverages cutting-edge machinery for creasing and binding brochures, gloss-laminating car mirror hangers, and much more.

You can shop our full range of high-quality, low-cost printed event products online and take advantage of our comprehensive printing and security foiling capabilities for your next event.


By Richard Warne

Richard has worked in the print industry for over 25 years