Printed Products for Events

At Secprint, we offer a range of low-cost, secure printed products for events.

From personalised lanyards, numbered seating stickers, and paper wristbands, through to custom drink tokens, raffle tickets, car park passes, and much more - our printed products are a sure way for you to keep your event running smoothly.

Car Mirror Hangers 2 Car Mirror Hangers
HOT from £18

Car Mirror Hangers

Manage visitor parking at your commercial or event car parks with our personalised car mirror hangers and hang tags. Coloured and labelled car hang tags make it efficient to identity unauthorised parking, allowing organisers to confidently ensure the safety of customers at events.

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Drink Tokens Drinks Vouchers
HOT from £28

Drink Tokens

Securely substitute cash payments with personalised drink tokens at your next event. These tokens will reduce the risk of having cash on site, increase vendor transaction times, and allow organisers to promote businesses that sponsor them by advertising on the back of the token.

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Branded Lanyard Lanyards
from £150


Our personalised lanyards are the perfect accompaniment to our security passes. They conveniently and securely hold your passes while maintaining a professional finish. Our printed lanyards offer logo and branding placement to promote your event or any businesses who sponsor you.

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Lanyard Cards 2 Lanyard Cards 1
HOT from £30

Lanyard Cards

Secprint’s personalised lanyard cards and passes are for use with our lanyard straps or clips. They allow event organisers to separate guests into categories such as VIP and area access, tour guides, staff, guests, and more. These cards and passes are a great addition to large events with multiple activities.

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Lanyard Programmes 2 Lanyard Programmes 1
from £50

Lanyard Programmes

Festival lanyards are a valuable alternative to paper programmes - which can be easily lost or littered. They conveniently list show times on secure lanyards and laminated cards, ensuring that guests can safely keep hold of and refer to important event information throughout the day.

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Programmes 2 Programmes 1
from £40


Our professionally printed programmes are a great way for event organisers to provide guests with information while reinforcing their brand. Programmes can also be used at weddings and funerals as a commemorative guide, or even schools and other businesses as commercial brochures or information booklets.

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Raffle Tickets 1 Raffle Tickets 2
from £30

Raffle Tickets

Custom raffle tickets are perfect for businesses, charities, schools, and other organisations to raise funds for their cause. With multiple design options and books of small quantities available, personalised raffle tickets will keep your visitors and contributors involved and engaged during your event.

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Gbm Seating Plan Stickers Seating Labels2
from £30

Temporary Seating Plan Stickers

Our removable stickers are a perfect addition to your seating plans for large events. They provide a temporary and simple solution for organising unreserved seating, ensuring that people are easily able to find their seats, and enabling organisers to safely escort their guests into and out of the venue by section.

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Tickets 2 Tickets 1
HOT from £35


Printed tickets are used to manage guest attendance at events. Well-designed tickets build anticipation for your event and are an effective way for organisers to monitor admissions. Watermarked and tear apparent paper also separates your tickets from counterfeits.

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HOT from £38

Wristbands (Eco Paper)

Securely manage your event admission and gate entry with sustainable and biodegradable paper wristbands from Secprint. They are a strong, easily recyclable alternative to Tyvek wristbands, which can come in 8 different colours to help you organise your guests efficiently at your next event.

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Tyvek 4 Tyvek 1
from £25

Wristbands (Tyvek®)

Paper wristbands, or Tyvek® Wristbands™ as they are also known, are a popular addition to our custom event tickets. They provide a low-cost and effective solution for managing admission and gate entry. Personalise your wristbands by colour to help organise your guests efficiently at your event.

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19Mm Wristband 2 19Mm Wristband 3
from £35

Child's ID Bracelets

Personalised child's ID bracelets will help you ensure your children are safe in crowded spaces at theme parks, festivals, school trips, and other large events. With bright colours and space for key information, our kid's ID bracelet printing services will give you confidence in an emergency.

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from £25

Ticket Wallets

Full-colour, printed ticket wallets are a fantastic addition to your ticket management, enabling the sleek, professional, and secure presentation of ticket bundles. With sizes to fit our three standard ticket dimensions, our ticket wallet printing service is ideal for all kinds of events and client specifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Order Printed Products for Events Online

Secprint’s printed products for events can be used for all kinds of occasions, including business and training conferences, parties, sports, festivals, theatre performances, and more.

While products such as passes and lanyards provide event security solutions by keeping your venue and customers safe, well-designed branding makes a fantastic first impression on your customers – they will hold onto those wristbands for a long time!

At Secprint, we guarantee a professional and friendly service, delivering high-quality results that meet your specific event personalisation needs. Order online today!