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Child's ID Bracelets for Events

Crowded spaces at festivals, theme parks, parties, school trips, and other large events can make it difficult to keep your children in sight. Our personalised child’s ID bracelets can help!

With plenty of space for key information and bright colours available, a kid’s ID bracelet will give you confidence that your child will be safe in an emergency.

Child’s ID Bracelet Personalised & Professionally Printed 

Having a young child wear a lost child wristband at festivals, amusement parks, sports events, school trips, campsites, and other large and busy locations means that they are equipped with vital contact and medical information in the event of an emergency.

Alternatively, as the event organiser, providing your guests with lost child wristbands is a great way to provide safety assurance to parents and families. This is a sure way to stand out from your competition and leave a positive and lasting impression.

Personalised ID wristbands from Secprint also offer the opportunity to promote your brand image and advertise businesses that sponsor you with plenty of space for customised imagery and text.

What Are Kid’s ID Bracelets Used For?

Parents, guardians, and event organisers can write any necessary information on the wristband, which can help reunite them with their lost child in high-risk locations.

They are the perfect solution for a wide range of situations, including:

  • Crowded venues (amusement parks, festivals, concerts, sporting events)
  • Coloured wristbands for schools to easily identify all children
  • Young or vulnerable children who perhaps cannot remember contact details
  • Children with limited communication skills
  • Language barriers (especially while on holiday)
  • Children with important medical conditions
  • And much more!

Our Lost Child Wristband Printing Options

Our lost child wristbands are a strong and durable solution. They can’t be easily removed or transferred between people, ensuring that your child’s ID bracelet won’t be lost or stolen. You also have the option of ordering your ID bracelets in a waterproof material.

When ordering your lost child wristbands from Secprint, you can choose between a variety of colours to be printed onto the white base. Details will typically include space for the user to write their name and contact information onto the wristband, but please contact us for any bespoke requirements.

Our wristbands are 25mm x 254mm with a printable area of 15mm x 150mm, which you can submit your artwork for by using our handy template. Alternatively, our expert team can create some fantastic new designs for an additional charge.

Printed Child Safety Wristbands UK

We provide high-quality, professionally printed lost child wristbands for events and other crowded spaces where children might be separated from their parents, guardians, teaches, and companions.

Please contact us at or call 01709 780008 with your requirements so we can advise and quote your child ID bracelet and wristband printing needs.