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Car Mirror Hangers

Personalised car mirror hangers and hang tags help to manage visitor parking at your commercial premises or event car park. Well-designed car hang tags make it easy to identify unauthorised parking, enabling you to confidently ensure the safety of customers at your event.

With multiple shape and finish options available, custom hang tags are an essential addition to your event!

Professionally Printed Car Mirror Hangers for Visitor Parking

From festivals and entertainment shows, through to business conferences and sporting events – full-colour printed car mirror hangers are a necessary addition to your event. They make it easy to identify when a parked vehicle is unauthorised, and they separate parking zones by colour. They may also be used by car dealers to advertise prices.

Custom hang tags have two sides available for printing. Hotels that host training courses can provide their visitors with temporary vehicle mirror hangers whilst advertising products from their restaurant or bar on the back. Or car mirror hangers for festivals could present parking permits on the front and a sponsoring business on the reverse, for example.

At Secprint, parking permit mirror and door hangers are typically printed in full colour on both sides of the card and cut to shape using our standard cutter forms. We will accommodate bespoke shapes with ease if required. For additional security, we can apply holographic or hot foil to the parking permit, as well as sequential numbering.

What Are Car Mirror Hangers Used For?

People often use car mirror hangers at venues and events to help identify that all parked vehicles are authorised to be there. Other uses include listing car prices at dealerships and separating parking zones by colour, number, or letter.

  • Festivals / entertainment shows: entertainment or festival show parking zones may be separated by priority, requiring clearly visible car hang tags for patrollers to identify. As one side of the car mirror hanger will show a permit, the reverse side may be used to advertise a business that sponsors you.
  • Hotels / business venues: hotels and other venues often host training courses or conferences, welcoming many temporary visitors onto their premises. Temporary parking permits in the form of car mirror hangers enable staff to quickly identify authorised vehicles. On the reverse, the venue may choose to advertise their own products. Hotels can reuse these high-quality tags.

Our Custom Mirror Hangers Options

When ordering your custom mirror hangers from Secprint, you can come to us with any shape and we will accommodate it. Standard hangers are printed in full colour on both sides of the card and come in the following sizes:

  • 210mm x 98mm
  • 154mm x 92mm
  • 277mm x 113mm

You can choose between 350gsm Silk or 250gsm Synthetic (tearproof and waterproof) stock, with the option for a laminated face. If requested, we can apply holographic or hot foil to the hanger for additional security.

Variable data can be printed onto the card if necessary. This includes specified parking bay / zone details as well as sequential numbering.

Our listed prices do not include the cost of our design services. Please contact us for more details.

Printed Car Mirror Hangers & Hang Tags UK

We provide high-quality personalised printed car hang tags for events.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with your requirements so that we can advise and quote your car mirror hanger needs.

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