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Drink Tokens

Personalised drink tokens are a secure substitute for cash payments at events. They reduce the risk of holding heavy amounts of cash on site, speed up transactions at venues, and enable organisers to promote sponsoring organisations through advertising on the token.

Well-designed printed drink tokens will be a huge success at your event!

Professional Printing for Drink Tokens & Drink Vouchers

Whether your event is a wedding, festival, theatre performance, or party – full-colour printed drink tokens are a great addition. They give you control and security of transactions, increase the speed of service, as well as provide opportunities to apply branding in front of each ticket holder at the venue.

Drink vouchers have two sides available for printing. You could include the initials of the happy couple on the back of wedding drink tokens. Or a local business could sponsor you to advertise them on the back of festival beer tokens.

Secprint offers full-colour printed drink tokens. These tokens are available in two formats. The first format is in strips with micro-perforations, allowing for easy detachment of each voucher. The second format is in stapled booklets with micro-perforations, allowing for the detachment of each voucher individually or by strip.

We offer various security printing processes to protect against forgeries. This includes printing full colour on tear apparent stationery, numbering, and foiling. Reverse print is typically printed mono (black) and displays important event information sponsorship / logo placement.

What Are Drink Tokens Used For?

People often use personalised drink tokens instead of, or in addition to, cash payments at events. They reduce the risk of holding heavy amounts of cash on site, speed up transactions, and provide opportunities for additional advertising.

  • Weddings / parties: if an open bar is out of your budget but you still want to provide for your guests, give each of them a drink token or two. All this does is tell the bar at your venue that the organisers will be paying for those drinks when the event is over. Guests will then pay for any additional drinks after that. Organisers may also have information displayed on the reverse side of the drink tokens.
  • Festivals / stage performances: often there are multiple stalls using pre-bought beer tokens instead of cash. This means that transaction times are faster as bartenders don’t need to count out change. Additionally, the elimination of cash eliminates the risk of theft. Sponsoring businesses may also have their branding advertised on the reverse side of beer tokens.

Our Drink Tokens Printing Options

When ordering your custom drink tokens from Secprint, you can choose between the following finishes: 90gsm Uncoated Bond, 150gsm Silk, and Tear Apparent (Coloured Centre).

The reverse print is usually printed mono (black) and displays important event information sponsorship/logo placement.

Standard drink token sizes are typically:

  • 40mm x 55mm supplied in strips with micro-perforations to release each drink token.
  • 28mm x 30mm supplied in stapled booklets with micro-perforations to release each drink token separately or by strip. Drink token booklets are typically numbered on the stub.

Please see the Specification tab for a detailed description of our drink token size and booklet quantity printing options.

Please note that our listed prices do not include artwork design, which we can provide for an additional cost.

Drink Tokens & Beer Tokens Printing UK

We provide high-quality personalised printed drink tokens for events.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with your requirements so that we can advise and quote your drink token needs.

For more information on the benefits of drink tokens, read our Blog.

Sizes and Specs for Drinks Tokens


  • Overall drink tokens sheets size: 210mm x 99mm
  • Individual token size: 49.5mm x 49.5mm
  • No. of tokens per sheet: 8


  • Overall drink tokens sheets size: 210mm x 99mm
  • Individual token size: 39.4mm x 49.5mm
  • No. of tokens per sheet: 10


  • Overall drink tokens sheets size: 148mm x 108mm
  • Individual token size: 30mm x 27mm
  • No. of tokens per sheet: 16


  • Overall drink tokens sheets size: 105mm x 74mm
  • Individual token size: 105mm x 74mm
  • No. of tokens per sheet: 1


  • Overall drink tokens sheets size: 56mm x 210mm
  • Individual token size: 56mm x 42mm
  • No. of tokens per sheet: 5