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Cheers to Convenience! 5 Benefits of Drink Tokens for Events

If you’ve organised an event before then you’ll know that one of the most important things to get right is vendor management.

Whatever the occasion, pre-purchased drink tokens are a secure alternative to cash payments at bars. They give you control over your vendor transactions and are an invaluable addition to your event.

In this article, we’ll go through the 5 ways that drink tokens provide ultimate convenience for event organisers.

What Are Drink Tokens?

Drink tokens are for customers to use instead of cash payments at events with bars.

Also known as beer tokens, drink tokens can be used at a variety of events, including festivals, weddings, clubs, sporting events, and stage performances. They are a convenient way for event organisers, like you, to manage transactions at venues. 

Drink tokens are typically printed with artwork on both sides of a rectangular ticket. They indicate the value of the drink token on the front, with space for additional information on the back.

Custom drink tokens can be printed onto tear apparent stationery to protect against forgeries, as well as include numbering and foiling for greater security. They offer a simple and effective way for employees and guests to sell and purchase drinks at your event.

What Are The Benefits of Printable Drink Tokens for Events?

1) Reduce the Need for Heavy Amounts of Cash On Site

Most importantly, drink tokens reduce the risk of theft – by substituting cash payments with pre-purchased printed tokens, vendors won’t need to hold heavy amounts of cash, if any, on site. 

Plus, if they’re still in good condition at the end of the night, drink tokens can be reused just like cash. If not, then they can be recycled, making them a temporary but eco-friendly solution.

2) Speed Up Transaction Times & Reduce Queues

The use of drink tokens instead of cash guarantees that vendors will ring drink orders through the register faster and more accurately – without cash, there will be no need for employees to count out change to each customer.

The benefit is that queues will be significantly reduced, freeing up walking space and lessening congestion around the venue. This makes your event safer and keeps your guests happy.

3) Enable Organisers to Promote Sponsorships

Another benefit is that drink tokens can be printed onto both sides of a ticket - while the front indicates the value of the token, the back provides the opportunity to promote your own company or businesses that sponsor you.

Your guests will be handling and looking at their drink tokens all through the event. This makes the reverse of the token the perfect place to:

  • Advertise your next event
  • Print a QR code directing to a webpage where guests can leave reviews or purchase merchandise
  • Monetise your event further by getting paid to sponsor another business

Applying drink tokens to your event is one of the best ways to maximise your profit opportunities.

4) Can Be Fully Customised

These diverse drink tokens can be custom printed to your design – you can include any desired text, logos, icons, QR codes, and more. They can be printed with a variety of finishes that protect against forgeries, including numbering and foiling, and can be supplied in strips or stapled booklets.

Consistently branded drink tokens will show your guests that your company is professional, reliable, and trustworthy, and will encourage them to come back to another one of your events.

5) Impress Your Guests

Whether your event is an elegant wedding or a busy festival, drink tokens are a stand-out product that will leave a positive impression on all your guests.

Your guests will be pleased with the speed of transactions, worried less about the risk of theft, and they will be impressed by the well-designed artwork printed onto the drink tokens – making your company a future favourite of theirs.

Personalised Drink Tokens & Beer Tokens From Secprint

Our unique and professionally printed drink tokens can be perfectly tailored to your needs. 
With drink tokens as part of your event, you will improve your event management, make a lasting impression on your guests, and optimise your profits.

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By Richard Warne

Richard has worked in the print industry for over 25 years