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8 Benefits Of Custom-Printed Tickets For Events & Our UK Ticket Printing Service

Custom-printed tickets are a sound investment, adding value to all types of events.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the top eight benefits of using them and show you how they can help you boost sales and ensure a successful event – from creating a buzz to being a reminder of a great night out.

Build up anticipation for your event

Event tickets are perfect for sharing across your social media channels to generate excitement and get people talking. By including eye-catching artwork, unique branding, and event details, you can help spread the word about your upcoming concert, festival or show and get the marketing ball rolling.

Use in your promotional campaigns to:

  • Share in event announcements
  • Display on a landing page or website
  • Promote early-bird pricing
  • Use in a social media video clip
  • Create a buzz among fans

Protect tickets from theft or counterfeiting

Ticket fraud is showing no signs of slowing down, with criminals using increasingly sophisticated scams to trick customers into sending money via bank transfer to buy tickets that don’t exist.

A physical, printed ticket with visible security features like hot foil stamping, UV inks, customised numbering, and tear apparent “colour-centred” papers is extremely difficult to counterfeit and gives buyers peace of mind that their ticket is genuine and will be accepted at the door.

Prevent tickets from being reused, removed, or lost

Custom-printed tickets also make it much easier to track ticket holders and prevent tickets from being reused, removed, or lost. Each ticket can be printed with a unique code or number that’s scanned at the door to ensure only genuine guests are admitted.

Customised tickets with built-in security features are also harder for thieves to steal and re-sell without being detected due to their uniqueness. The tickets act as a physical form of identification that’s tough to counterfeit or tamper with, which helps to protect organisers and attendees from any fraudulent activity.

Speed up guest entry and reduce long queues

For event-goers, lengthy queues and the issues or delays associated with digital tickets can be a serious buzz-kill, turning pre-gig excitement into feelings of frustration.

Printed tickets help to speed up guest entry and reduce long queues, as there’s no need for manual checking. Guests simply present their printed tickets, which will be quickly scanned at the entrance, allowing them quick and easy access into your event.

Enhance brand recognition

Event professionals are quickly realising the impact custom-printed tickets can have on boosting their brand. Not only do they allow for greater flexibility in layout and design, but they also give event organisers a unique medium to truly showcase their brand in a way that will stick with attendees long after the event is over.

For example, professional-grade photos, logos, and even QR codes can be printed onto tickets to give customers an unforgettable experience. Custom-printed tickets also make the process of event management more efficient and organised due to special features such as ticket numbering or serialisation.

Provide guests with convenient information

Printed tickets are a great way to provide guests with convenient information about your event, such as maps, directions, and contact details. This makes it easier for people to find their way around or get in touch with any queries they might have.

You can add just about any kind of information that’s relevant to the occasion. It’s an ideal way for event organisers to give guests everything they need to ensure their visit is a positive one. Plus, it looks great too, giving your event a professional feel that reflects positively on you as the host.

Allow guests to take home a memento

Tickets are a lot more than just a bit of paper. How many of us are still holding on to one from an old concert because it’s a physical reminder of good times with good friends?

This is why printed tickets are still essential for event-goers. They get to take home a souvenir that reminds them of the experience, and it’s something they can share with family and friends and talk about long into the future.

Create extra revenue via sponsor advertising

You can generate additional revenue for your event by adding sponsor advertising to your tickets.

Attract sponsors by showing them:

  • The number of people your events typically attract
  • How sponsorship can help boost their visibility
  • Why your target audience is a great fit for their brand

By helping a sponsor see the benefits of getting their name and logo seen by a whole new audience, you can offset printing and marketing costs and increase profitability for your own business.

Our event ticket printing services in the UK

Secprint is a trusted supplier of high-quality, secure, and fully-customisable tickets for all types of events throughout the UK.

Our ticket printing service includes:

  • A quick and easy online ticket builder
  • Overt and covert security features
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  • Fast turnaround on your order
  • Exceptional customer service

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