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Custom-Printed Products That Every Music Festival Needs

Organising a music festival can be a lot of work. It needs serious coordination across multiple departments, from ticketing to security and marketing. But one thing that’s often overlooked in this digital age is the importance of custom-printed products like tickets, lanyards, and wristbands. These essential items not only ensure everything runs smoothly but can be used to promote sponsors and raise additional revenue.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the types of custom-printed products we can supply to ensure your next music event hits the perfect note with festival-goers.

Festival ticket printing

Printed tickets are essential for any music festival organiser. They provide proof that visitors have purchased entry into the event, reduce the risk of counterfeiting, and make it easier for your security personnel to control capacity and minimise overcrowding at peak times.

Plus, custom-printed tickets add an extra layer of professionalism and credibility to your event’s branding. They help you create a positive first impression with visitors, and a bold, colourful, creative design can help build pre-event excitement.

Read more about the benefits of using custom-printed event tickets here.

Personalised Food & Drink Tokens

Drinks tokens can have huge benefits when it comes to crowd management and security. It helps speed up the customer experience by having cashless bars without the large investment of having multiple card readers and the need for extra training for temporary bar staff.

All cash and card transactions are dealt with at the token booths, which also helps from a security point of view. Supplying the tokens in pre-perforated sheets makes them extremely cost-effective to produce, and combined with straightforward pricing, they’re also very easy to use for both staff and festival-goers.

Festival lanyards

A music festival lanyard looks good, ensures the safety of visitors, and is a fantastic way to promote your brand. Everyone attending the event will be wearing one, from children and adults to roadies and event staff. And it’s fair to say that the majority of people who attend music festivals will also be taking a large number of selfies, photos, and videos.

This increases the chance of your brand or a sponsor’s logo appearing across a variety of social media platforms for greater visibility and reach with your target audience.

Custom festival wristbands

Brightly coloured wristbands are an absolute must when it comes to music festivals. The vivid colours help security staff quickly identify different levels of access and validity and help keep the event running smoothly.

The durable, paper wristbands are low-cost, tamperproof, and can be fully personalised to specific events, days, and categories.

Check out the different styles and colour options available in our custom event paper wristbands range.

Our Recent Printed Festival Products For James Dean Events

Secprint has worked closely with James Dean Events for a number of years. This year we were delighted to supply the lanyard cards, drinks tokens, and wristbands for two of their festivals.

In late June 2023, James Dean Events hosted the first of two large-scale festivals at the same location at Caton Park, Derbyshire. The Sausage, Cider, and Music Festival, which has been running since 2013, has some of the world’s best live tribute acts, as well as a great selection of food and drink.

Just a week later, the Back2 Festival encouraged festival-goers to turn the clock back with a celebration of 80s, 90s, and 00s music. The two festivals used the same main infrastructure, such as the stages, large marquee, and all bars, food outlets, toilets, and security fencing. This significantly reduced the carbon footprint and logistics of hosting two large-scale events at different times or locations. Being able to leave everything in place and reuse it all the following week was a very clever, practical, and cost-effective use of resources.

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