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Secprint’s Ticket Printing Success Story

Roll With The Punches

When the pandemic hit, our established ticket printing business of 25 years faced its toughest challenge yet. With the announcement of the shutdown of the events industry in March 2020, our main customer base literally disappeared overnight. This accounted for around 80% of our turnover.

As a small business, we knew we had to adapt quickly to the new situation. Through proactive marketing, competitor research, and making the most of new opportunities, we weathered the storm.

Saved By The Bell

As restrictions eased, we saw many events begin a phased return to normal, including boxing. This gave rise to a welcome influx of boxing promoters requesting our help. They were in need of a supplier of secure venue admittance tickets for upcoming events.

In one month alone we received orders from 15 new clients in the boxing industry. Ever since, business has continued to grow.

A Knockout Product

According to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre, there was a massive increase in ticket scams in 2021. As venues started opening up again and demand for tickets was high. Unfortunately, there was a reported £272,300 lost to ticket fraud in February alone, at an average cost of £1,260 per victim.

As specialist providers of secure event tickets, we were in an ideal position to help boxing promoters. At a time when fake ticket websites were on the rise, we were able to safeguard their revenue and protect their customers.

Our tickets are custom printed on specialised security papers. These have a number of overt and covert security features designed to help customers quickly detect counterfeit tickets, including:

  • Hot foil stamping
  • UV inks
  • Customised numbering
  • Tear apparent “colour centred” papers

What also appealed to promoters was our ability to provide a fully personalised product. We can take the promotional posters for the boxing match and use the information and graphics to reproduce a full-colour image of the boxer onto the ticket. Additional options available include:

Colour coding – e.g. gold tickets with gold wristbands.

Different categories – e.g. VIP, reserved seating, specific tables, designated areas, etc.

Through ticket personalisation, promoters can achieve a much more professional look to their overall campaign. This can enhance their reputation, lead to new business opportunities, and ultimately translate to an increase in sales.

In Your Corner

We are thankful for the incredible support and positive feedback we’ve received from our customers in the world of boxing. As we head into another year of business, we hope to help even more customers across the events industry to secure their business with quality security ticket printing.

To talk to us about your printed products requirements or to request a quote, please get in touch. You can call us on 01709 780008 or email for more details.


By Richard Warne

Richard has worked in the print industry for over 25 years