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Personalised Lanyards

Personalised lanyards are for use with our security pass product. They provide a convenient and reliable hold for your security passes and badges with a professional finish. Printed lanyards can include logo and branding placement to promote your event.

With multiple design options and quick delivery available, custom lanyards are a must-have product for your event!

Create Professionally Printed Personalised Lanyards for Events

From music and food festivals, through to corporate and training conferences, personalised lanyards with card holders are a great way to organise your event. They enable you to recognise your staff and event volunteers from your exhibitors. They are also an easy way to differentiate between all areas of your event, as well as ensure that no person will misplace their identification.

Event lanyards can be printed with logos and branding to promote multiple businesses that may sponsor you to advertise them. Or you can simply promote your own company – festival goers will hold onto those lanyards and remember your event for years! The space can also be used for separating sections of your venue by name, number, or letter.

Secprint offers full-colour printed lanyards with the option for logo and branding placement, as well as plain lanyards. Matching security passes can be ordered separately via our Event Products page.

What Are Lanyards Used For?

People often use personalised lanyards at large events where visitors must be separated. That might mean access to VIP zones, conferences, floor-level clearance, and more. They are easy for staff to recognise, and they provide a convenient hold for personal identification and security passes.

  • Festivals / stage performances: festivals and shows are filled with event organisers, volunteers, artists, special guests, and general consumers. Printed lanyards ensure the safety of everyone by organising them all into necessary groups. Visitors won’t lose their identification, and the event organiser can further advertise on the lanyard.
  • Corporate conferences / hobby conventions: conferences and conventions often have multiple talks and events occurring at the same time in the same venue. Printed lanyards guarantee that people will access the right places. This protects all staff and consumers, and the convenient hold of lanyards ensures that the identification won’t be misplaced.

Our Custom Lanyards Options

When ordering your custom lanyards from Secprint, you can choose to print in either full or plain colour. We can print logos and branding graphics on the lanyard to complement your event. Please note that our listed prices do not include the cost for our design service.

All our personalised lanyards are 20mm x 900mm Satin stock.

Secprint aims to accommodate any special requirements.

Printed Lanyards UK

We provide high-quality personalised printed lanyards and lanyard cards for events.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with your requirements so that we can advise and quote your printed lanyard needs.