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Raffle Tickets

Custom raffle tickets are a great way for organisations to raise funds for their cause whilst keeping visitors and other contributors involved and engaged. For ease of distribution, raffle tickets can be booked up in small quantities and come with sequential numbering as standard.

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Professional Raffle Ticket Printing

Personalised raffle tickets are a cost-effective way for organisations to raise money for their cause at business or charity events. By offering people a chance to win a prize and contribute a small donation, raffles encourage greater levels of engagement from guests and help organisations build a positive reputation.

Printed raffle tickets offer a large printable area for artwork, which can be used to display and emphasise your brand, sponsorship, or cause. They can also include other variable data such as names, contact information, and QR codes linking to your website or online fundraiser.

At Secprint, our customisable raffle tickets can be printed and bound into booklets of varying amounts and ordered in small or large quantities, depending on your requirements. This means you can get your branding into the hands of your guests in a simple, affordable way, improving awareness and recognition for your organisation.

What Are Raffle Tickets Used For?

A raffle is a type of contest in which participants purchase a ticket designated with a unique number for a chance to win a prize. Once the tickets are sold, the winning ticket is drawn and the person with the matching number gets the prize. The funds raised from the raffle usually go to a pre-specified cause, such as a charity or future event / activity.

Raffles are ideal for a wide range of organisations, including businesses, schools and colleges, charities, hospitals, and more. They are a fantastic way to bring visitors, employees, students, and many other connections together for a single cause, helping to quickly boost engagement and morale.

Our Custom Raffle Ticket Printing Options

At Secprint, our standard 210mm x 74mm raffle tickets are printed single-sided in mono (black ink) or full-colour onto 120gsm uncoated stock. They come with a single perforation to release a counterfoil and are sequentially numbered in 2 positions as standard.

Personalise your raffle tickets by submitting your artwork online. With multiple design and branding opportunities, including QR codes, names, addresses, and any other variable data, custom raffle tickets are a sure way to leave a lasting impression on your guests and gain more revenue.

Please choose your required number of tickets per book before determining your order quantity. If required, we can book fewer tickets for a small surcharge. Please get in touch for more details on our design service, book quantities, and prices.

Printed Raffle Tickets UK

We provide high-quality, professionally printed raffle tickets for a wide range of organisations to help them raise funds for their cause and encourage greater guest engagement at their business or charity events.

Please contact us at or call 01709 780008 with your requirements so we can advise and quote your bespoke raffle ticket printing needs.

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