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Temporary Seating Plan Stickers

Personalised removable stickers are for use with seating plans. They are a temporary solution for labelling unreserved seating, enabling visitors to quickly find their seats, and allowing organisers to safely maintain an event.

Easy to order and quick to deliver, printed removable stickers are an essential product for your event!

Professionally Printed Removable Stickers

Whether your event is a concert, wedding, business conference, or award ceremony – full-colour or plain printed seating plan labels are an essential addition. They enable you to turn an unreserved seating space into your own structured seating plan, ensure that visitors find their seats efficiently, and allow organisers to monitor attendance in the case of an emergency.

Removable adhesive labels can be applied to the chairs in your venue quickly and easily, and they leave no sticky residue behind when removed after your event. Another benefit of these low-cost labels is that tickets for the best seats in the venue may be sold at a premium, turning your seating plan labels into additional profit.

Secprint offers full-colour or plain printed removable stickers. Seating plans can be printed onto your tickets, which can be ordered separately via our Event Tickets page, and then correlated with a matching set of easy-peel removable labels.

What Are Removable Stickers Used For?

People often use removable sticky labels for events with large seating plans. These may include weddings, business conferences, award ceremonies, concerts, comedy shows, and much more. Seating plan labels ensure that your guests are organised quickly and safely.

Unmaintained crowds can be dangerous. Allowing guests to enter and leave the venue by section or row means that everyone stays safe during their visit.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, custom removable stickers and assigned seating plans allow organisers to check attendance.

Assigned seating also means that customers can purchase better seats or choose seats that accommodate any disabilities.

How To Remove Stickers

Secprint offers custom removable stickers that are easy to peel off after any event.

They leave no sticky residue or product after removal – just simply use your fingernail to raise the edge and peel it away from the surface of the chair. Dispose of your removable stickers appropriately.

Our Custom Seating Plan Labels

When ordering your personalised removable stickers from Secprint, you can choose between a variety of colours and fonts. You are not just limited to single block-colour backgrounds as we can also print gradients, patterns, or borders. Simply supply your information in an Excel document when ordering from our site.

Seating plan labels are typically circular and 40mm in diameter. However, at Secprint, any requested size or shape can be accommodated.

The following information can be printed onto your labels:

  • VIP
  • Disabled
  • Reserved
  • Row letters
  • Seat numbers
  • Section names

Well-designed easy-peel removable labels make it simple and safe for your customers to locate their seats at your event.

Our listed prices do not include artwork design. Please talk to us directly for a quotation.

Printed Removable Stickers UK

We provide high-quality personalised printed stickers for a wide range of events.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with your requirements so that we can advise and quote your sticker needs.