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Ticket Wallets

Bespoke ticket wallets are the perfect way to secure bundles of tickets or vouchers at events and make the experience more memorable for guests. Our wallets are printed in full colour to the outer side, feature half-moon closes, and are available in three sizes to fit our standard ticket range.

Order online today and put your branding, website, and other information right into your guests’ hands!

Professional Ticket Wallet Printing

Printed ticket wallets are a fantastic way for event organisers and promoters to complete their event ticket management at events. By enabling the secure and stylish bundling of tickets, staff can professionally hand over groups of tickets to their guests to boost brand awareness and improve their reputation as a company.

With custom ticket wallets, organisers can place information straight into their guests’ hands and generate numerous revenue opportunities. This includes upselling tickets as bundles, advertising sponsors, and promoting future events. Event teams may also benefit from additional features such as QR codes, Google / Trustpilot star ratings, and recent reviews to encourage guests to visit their website, make a purchase, sign-up for news and discounts, and more.

Secprint’s ticket wallet printing service offers a choice between sizes to suit various ticket and voucher specifications. They can be printed in full colour inside and out, providing optimal space for artwork and special features. Their half-moon clasps are a simple yet secure solution for keeping tickets safe before, during, and after the event.

What Are Printed Ticket Wallets Used For?

Secprint offers a fully bespoke ticket wallet printing service for event organisers, sports clubs, and sponsors. They provide a convenient, quick, and safe solution for handling tickets, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Bundling raffle tickets at fundraisers / events
  • Bundling gift vouchers bought from a business
  • Storing group tickets during large events
  • Selling multiple tickets before the event
  • Upselling multiple tickets at the event for upcoming events
  • Keeping tickets as memorabilia

During all these circumstances, ticket wallets will continue to promote your brand and encourage recognition and loyalty in the future.

Our Custom Ticket Wallet Printing Options

Secprint’s custom ticket wallets are printed onto 250gsm Silk board in full colour to the outer side. You may also choose to print artwork on the inside, which is an option that can be selected when ordering.

Our ticket wallets are available in the following sizes:

  • Finished Size – 126mm x 99mm (126mm x 198mm folded to 126mm x 99mm; supplied with 3x half-moon cuts; suitable for PVC cards, swipe cards, loyalty cards, season tickets, and membership cards)
  •  Finished Size – DL Wallet (210mm x 198mm folded to 210mm x 99mm; supplied with 3x half-moon cuts; suitable for our 74mm x 210mm / our 74mm x 170mm tickets / 76mm x 152.4mm direct thermal tickets)
  • Finished Size – A5 Wallet (210mm x 297mm folded to 210mm x 147.5mm; suitable for our 99mm x 210mm / our 99mm x 170mm tickets / 76mm x 152.4mm direct thermal tickets)

What Sized Tickets Fit into My Printed Ticket Wallets?

  • DL ticket wallets are suitable for our 210mm x 74mm / 170mm x 74mm tickets
  • A5 ticket wallets are suitable for our 210 x 99mm / 170mm x 99mm tickets
  • 126mm x 99mm ticket wallets are suitable for 85mm x 55mm cards

Our A5 and DL ticket wallets are also ideal for storing on-demand, thermal tickets which have been produced in-situ by venues printing their personalised artwork onto generic stock. Whether these tickets are posted out or prepared for collection, branded ticket wallets are a fantastic way to secure the bundle for the customer.

The above sizes relate to our standard ticket wallets, however we can offer a bespoke design and print product based on your requirements.

Ticket Wallet Printing UK

We print high-quality, professionally finished ticket wallets for event organisers, event promoters, sponsors, and sports clubs to help them with their ticket management and marketing.

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