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Branded Mugs

Branded mugs for businesses, charities, and more - upgrade for presentation boxes and mug contents to complete your corporate gifts and make an impression.

Our branded mugs can also be upgraded to packs with presentation boxes and special contents - so don’t delay! Make your team smile today.

Professionally Printed Corporate Mugs

Corporate mugs are standard-sized mugs printed with company branding. They can also feature special messages or any other information for further personalisation. This could include Christmas and New Year wishes, business promotions and milestones, and more. Typically, they are gifted to employees, but they also make great presents for customers and other business connections.

Sending out branded mugs is one of the best ways to build relationships with the people in your network. They can reflect the personality of your business while adding a personal touch that will impress your recipients and make them feel valued. This can be fantastic for gaining customer loyalty.

At Secprint, we offer quality mugs for businesses, as well as upgrades for mug packs including presentation boxes, coasters, hot chocolate, coffee, and more. Our branded mugs and mug packs are the perfect personalised corporate gifts to help you encourage new business and give thanks or recognition to the people who matter.

What Are Branded Mugs Used For?

People use branded mugs and personalised business gifts to strengthen relationships with their employees, clients, and business connections. They are the perfect way to show your staff what they mean to the company, as well as thank people for their support or contributions to your business.

Branded mug packs can also be a great marketing tool. With descriptions of your products and services on the upgraded box or sleeve, they can be offered at trade shows or conferences to help you boost your brand and build your network. You could even sell your branded mugs to customers or set them up as prizes in workplace raffles and competitions.

Our Company Branded Mug Options & Upgrades

When ordering your branded mugs from Secprint, you can choose to upgrade your order to include a stylish presentation box for an additional £4.00 +VAT (minimum order quantity: 32). These mug packs come with a customisable sleeve, offering the perfect opportunity to reinforce your branding or overall design.

For a further £4.00 +VAT per mug pack, you can upgrade your order to include special mug contents with a choice between hot chocolate sachets, tea and coffee sachets, or wrapped luxury chocolates (minimum order quantity: 32). At this stage, one mug pack will contain:

  • 1x mug
  • 1x mug box
  • 1x printed box sleeve
  • 1x mug contents

Order by the 5th of December to receive your mugs and mug packs in time for Christmas!

Branded Mugs UK

We supply fantastic company-branded mugs and gifts in packs for businesses to send to clients, employees, and many other business connections – fantastic all year round and even better at Christmas.

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