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Going Carbonless: The Uses & Benefits of NCR Sets

If you’re a business that needs multiple copies of documents quickly and simply, then NCR sets are a clean, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

By allowing any handwritten text to instantly transfer from one sheet to another, NCR sets, or NCR pads as they are also referred to, are ideal for businesses of all sizes to accurately produce forms, notes, invoices, and many other documents in the workplace or on the move.

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What Are NCR Sets?

NCR stands for “No Carbon Required”. It refers to the traditional blue and black carbon paper, which is messy, difficult to use, and produces poor-quality copies. NCR sets are made from specially treated paper that allows for the creation of multiple copies of a document without the need for carbon transfer paper.

One NCR set typically consists of two, three, or four different coloured pages layered in order. The user should handwrite onto the top (usually white) copy, and the face of the second sheet will react to the pressure and form a permanent mark. NCR sets can be bound into pads and books with a cardboard cover to place beneath each set during use to avoid transferring to too many pages.

Carbonless paper offers many advantages to businesses across many different industries looking to make multiple and instant copies of important documentation, allowing for cleaner, more efficient, and high-quality duplication of goods received notes, invoices, weighbridge tickets, accident forms, and much more.

What Are the Benefits of NCR Sets, NCR Pads, & NCR Books?

1) No Carbon Required

While traditional transfer methods require carbon paper, which is messy and difficult to use, NCR pads offer a clean and convenient way to make instant copies. Carbon paper is also wasteful and hard to dispose of, making NCR paper an environmentally friendly solution for making quick and accurate duplicate and triplicate copies.

2) Improved Operational Efficiency

NCR pads are a great way to keep all your important information in one place. They can be easily tracked, come in a range of sizes, and are easy to carry. This helps to improve operational efficiency in the workplace and makes them a convenient option for businesses or individuals working on the move.

3) More Affordable Than Alternatives

Compared to expensive printing or copying paper and equipment, NCR pads are significantly more affordable and save businesses money in the long run. They also allow you to make copies of documents on the spot. This means that your employees can dedicate more time to higher priorities, ensuring that your organisation is putting time and money where it matters most.

4) Can Be Fully Customised

Another benefit of NCR sets is that they are fully customisable. This means you can tailor your NCR sets to the needs of your company to achieve greater efficiency and organisation in the workplace. For example, custom NCR sets with drill holes are perfect for storing records in binders, while sequential numbering can help you to easily track / audit important documents.

5) Reinforces Your Brand

Finally, NCR sets that are printed with your company information, such as your logo, slogan, and contact details, will reinforce your brand image to recipients and other professionals in your network. This can help you build a reputation of trust and legitimacy, encouraging more business and stronger connections.

NCR Printing Services from Secprint

NCR set printing is hugely beneficial to those who use it. With the added advantage of enhancing your data security and lowering your carbon impact, NCR pads are a cost-effective and efficient way for your business to manage documentation.

At Secprint, you can choose from several NCR printing options for home, office, and mobile use, helping you seamlessly organise your business.

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