IMG 0944 BRUFC V Rotherham

Rotherham Titans RUFC Celebrate Their Promotion as Champions 2023-24!

Rotherham Titans Mark Centenary Season with League Title & Promotion

This weekend, the Rotherham Titans ended their Centenary season with a huge 40-26 win against Billingham at Greenwood Road. This spectacular victory will see the team compete next year in National One, sealing their first promotion in 21 years!

Click through to learn more about the final match, the players, and what the team had to say about their achievements.

Secprint & The Rotherham Titans

Secprint has been supplying the Titans with a range of printed products since starting the business in the late ‘90s. Around this time, the Titans had accelerated to the fourth tier of English rugby, before reaching the Courage National Division One in 1996-97. Back then, the team were known as the Rotherham Rugby Union Football Club.

In 1999-2000, The team finally won promotion and became Yorkshire’s first-ever representative in the top tier of English rugby! Despite relegation after one season, 2003-04 saw Rotherham’s quick return to the Premiership and a change of name – a lasting sponsorship deal with Titan Environmental soon led to the famous “Titans” nickname we’ve all come to know today.

Our longstanding relationship with the Rotherham Titans has seen the production of thousands of tickets, games, and memories. As they celebrated their promotion this weekend, the champions boasted the Titans blue banner we are proud to have produced for them.

Author: Secprint