The Reytons Golden Ticket Campaign 2023

We are excited to have worked with The Reytons on a very special campaign!

Earlier this year, we were involved in the making of one of the biggest events for The Reytons – their Golden Ticket campaign! The concept is simple: find one of the 5 Golden Tickets when you buy a physical copy of their latest album and win free entry to every single Reytons show for the rest of your life.

This was an immense marketing campaign for the indie-rock band’s second album, and we are delighted to have been able to help some local talent on their rise to success! The album made history when it went straight to number one – an unsigned band, knocking even Taylor Swift off the top spot.

Tickets aren’t the only products we’ve printed for the Reytons. We’ve been working with lead singer, Jonny Yerrell, for 11 years and supplying the band since they formed in 2017 with CD covers, wristbands, posters, flyers, photo books, programmes, price lists, and more.


Who are The Reytons?

The Reytons are an English indie-rock band from Rotherham, comprising of Jonny Yerrell, Lee Holland, Joe O’Brien, and Jamie Todd. They started in 2017 and released their debut album, Kids off the Estate, in November 2021. Their second album, What’s Rock and Roll?, was released in January 2023 and quickly topped the UK Albums Chart.

Here in South Yorkshire, a “reyton” is slang for “a right one” – it’s not just a band name but a movement of people, a community, a mutual understanding. The band continues to sell out show tickets months in advance, connecting with every corner of the UK with their unique sound and relatable lyrics.

Next summer, The Reytons will be performing at home in Clifton Park, Rotherham. Visit their website for information on how to get tickets. You can also pre-order their third album, Ballad of a Bystander, here.


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