Tickets for the Royal Variety Performance 2023.

Tickets for the Royal Variety Performance 2023

The Secprint team have been immersed in the printing of some luxury tickets for the Royal Variety Performance 2023!

This autumn, we were honoured with the task of printing thousands of incredible, premium tickets for the Royal Variety Performance 2023. This job entailed multiple ticket designs for different access areas, as well as the aftershow. Our relationship with the Royal Variety Charity is a long one – starting back in 2014!

For nearly 10 years, we have printed quality tickets for the biggest entertainment show of the year. This November, the main event will be held at the Royal Albert Hall, while the aftershow will be hosted at the magnificent Natural History Museum.

What is the Royal Variety Charity?

The annual Royal Variety Performance is in aid of the Royal Variety Charity, an incredible organisation that assists people who have previously worked in the entertainment industry and are currently in need of help. The charity strives to support those of all ages who have worked in front of the camera and on the stage, as well as behind the camera and in the wings.

The first Royal Variety Performance was staged in 1912 with His Majesty King George V and Her Majesty Queen Mary in attendance. The quality and diversity of performers over the last century have been unforgettable - over 152 million TV viewers tune into the show each year, making it the most successful and longest-running entertainment show in the world.

Many of those who work in the entertainment industry live from job to job, and some spend long periods without any work at all. For those without financial security, it can be nearly impossible to plan for the future. Whether it’s old age, ill health, or financial hardship, the Royal Variety Charity is there to support them.

We’re here to help

At Secprint, we guarantee a professional and friendly service from initial concept through to finished print. We offer a variety of ticket designs and styles suited to your bespoke needs and budget.

Well-designed and high-quality tickets will help you:

· Build anticipation for your event

· Manage admissions and gate entry

· Reduce the risk of counterfeiting

· Prevent tickets from being reused or lost

· Enhance brand recognition

· Conveniently provide guests with information

· Generate revenue with sponsor advertising

· Allow guests to take home a memento

· And more!

For more details on the benefits of custom printed tickets, read our Blog. Alternatively, visit our online Shop to begin the ticket printing process.


Author: Secprint