Event Essentials: A Complete Guide to Paper Wristbands for Events

Event management can be complicated, especially when it comes to security. Using printed Tyvek and paper wristbands is one of the most reliable ways for event organisers to ease the process and ensure smooth operations for both security staff and attendees.

In this article, you’ll get to know more about the applications and benefits of Tyvek and FSC paper wristbands for events, including insights into where to buy them and how to remove them. Find out more below.

What are Paper Wristbands?

Made from a high-density, polyethylene material, Tyvek wristbands are resistant to tearing, stretching, and water. They also feature an adhesive tamperproof closure, making them a popular way to manage admissions and ensure security at a variety of events. They are typically left blank on the underside, while the top offers space for full-colour bases and mono overlays containing any key details your event may require.

Eco-friendly FSC paper wristbands, while similar, are made from fully recyclable, biodegradable paper. Although these wristbands are not water-resistant, they do not compromise on strength and security when compared to traditional Tyvek wristbands. Their white base also offers the opportunity for a wide range of full-colour printed artwork and text.

Where to Buy Wristbands for Events

Bespoke Tyvek and paper wristbands for events are often available from printing companies or event product suppliers. When looking for the right business for your needs, it’s important to consider the intended use of your wristbands. Are they likely to get wet? Do you need to personalise them? Will they require certain colours that may not be available everywhere?

Once you know the requirements for your wristbands, you can start to research different companies and their printing capacity. At Secprint, we offer low-cost, high-strength Tyvek and FSC paper wristbands in a wide range of colours, including neon. We can also print text, imagery, or logos onto the wristbands depending on your needs.

The Uses & Benefits of Paper Wristbands for Events

Personalised Tyvek and paper wristbands are extremely versatile products, offering numerous benefits to a wide range of events and their organisers.

Festival Wristbands

As a low-cost, secure solution for managing admission and gate entry, personalised wristbands make a fantastic addition to festivals. Tyvek wristbands are specifically designed to be non-stretchable and tamperproof, making them difficult to remove or transfer and thus ensuring security at events.

Personalised festival wristbands can be fully customised, offering organisers the opportunity to emphasise their brand, advertise sponsorship, or promote any upcoming events. They are also a great way to separate area access, including VIPs and backstage passes, with colour coding and unique graphics.

ID Bracelets

With more design and printing options compared to Tyvek wristbands, FSC paper wristbands can provide adults with a secure, reliable ID bracelet for their children in case of emergencies when at large events such as carnivals, amusement parks, stage shows, sports events, and more.

By offering the space for printed or handwritten text, personalised ID bracelets mean that children with limited communication skills, language barriers, and medical conditions can provide important information to adults who may find them lost at large events. This enables them to be quickly and easily reunited with their guardians.

Nightclub Entry Wristbands

Durable and water-resistant, Tyvek wristbands are perfect for nightclubs and other exclusive parties where they are likely to be exposed to excessive movement, sweat, and drinks. This ensures that admission and area access wristbands remain intact throughout the event, protecting attendees from unauthorised visitors.

Personalised paper wristbands can be printed in neon colours, which makes them easy for security staff to identify in the dark, such as at nightclubs and evening events. They can also include customised imagery and information to separate VIP and special guest access throughout the venue.

Amusement Park Ride Access Wristbands

In large, outdoor locations such as amusement parks, funfairs, and carnivals, colourful and custom-designed Tyvek and paper wristbands are a great way to identify authorised arrivals, especially for different levels of access for rides purchased at the point of entry.

The use of easily identifiable wristbands means that queues for rides and other amusements can move forward at a good pace and minimise congestion. This will contribute to keeping guests and employees safe and happy throughout the day.

Sporting Event Entry Wristbands

Unlike plastic, rubber, or metal alternatives, Tyvek and paper wristbands are extremely lightweight and easy to wear. This makes them the perfect addition to large sporting events where different competitors or teams need to be separated by group colour or name while also being able to complete their activity.

Tyvek and paper wristbands are hypoallergenic and incredibly comfortable, which means that competing athletes won’t need to worry about uncomfortable materials digging into or irritating their skin throughout the event so they can perform at their best.

Stage Performance Entry Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands are a low-cost print solution, making them ideal for large-scale stage performances such as comedy shows, musical acts, and theatre performances with a great number of attendees. By making budget-friendly wristbands part of your event, you can take advantage of other marketing essentials such as event tickets, posters, programmes, and more.

Personalised wristbands are also available in high-strength, recyclable, biodegradable paper, making them a sustainable alternative to Tyvek wristbands for large-scale events with the potential to create a lot of waste. This ensures your organisation can achieve its sustainability goals while providing a reliable solution for managing admissions and gate entry.

How to Remove Festival Wristband

Peeling the adhesive part of the wristband can cause it to tear, making it difficult to remove it neatly after the event has ended. If you are planning to retain your paper wristband as a piece of memorabilia, the best way to remove your wristband is by asking someone else to safely cut the wristband from your wrist with a pair of scissors.

Personalised Paper Wristbands from Secprint

At Secprint, we offer professional wristband printing services to help you complete your event. With our high-quality, functional, and attractive personalised Tyvek and eco-friendly paper wristbands, you are guaranteed to improve your event management, security, and guest experience.

For guidance on your wristband printing needs, get in touch for a chat and a quote. Alternatively, please visit our Shop for more information.


By Richard Warne

Richard has worked in the print industry for over 25 years