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Large-format printed posters are used across many industries in a variety of ways. They are typically used to display company branding and sponsorship, or they can be used to help businesses advertise products and services to a wide range of viewers.

Easy to order and with quick delivery available, printed posters are the perfect solution to your display needs!

Professional Poster Printing

Secprint offers professional poster printing services to help you display important information to a wide audience. Printed posters can accommodate a large amount of text and imagery, making them easy for people to find and read. You can also place them in a variety of locations that are exposed to traffic – and move them again!

Printed posters are an effective visual medium to quickly capture the attention of your target audience, providing them with information such as directions, grand openings, sponsorship, decorations, and much more. They are also a great way to promote your brand and any products or services you offer.

Typically, posters are printed on one side and applied to walls, doors, or other flat surfaces. They can also be printed double-sided and attached to or in between transparent surfaces, such as glass windows and doors. Printed posters are a versatile and effective way to send your target audience a message they will remember.

What Are Printed Posters Used For?

Our custom poster printing service is popular with all kinds of businesses for a wide range of purposes, including large-format print. They can display interesting and important information in locations like reception areas, shop and restaurant windows, restroom doors and walls, office spaces, public transport, event venues, and much more.

Well-designed posters present text and imagery that will attract attention and keep it. They can be used to advertise all kinds of products and services, as well as reinforce your company branding and even promote businesses that sponsor you.

Whether your poster is educational, motivational, informative, aesthetic, or promotional, our custom poster printing service is perfect for all industries with a message to communicate.

Our Custom Poster Printing Options

When ordering your printed posters from Secprint, you can submit your own print-ready artwork or work with our creative team to produce some stunning new designs. Please note that our listed prices do not include the additional charge for our design service.

Our posters can be printed single or double-sided on 207gsm Satin poster paper for sizes larger than A3. A3 posters are printed onto 250gsm Silk stock.

Order quantities will depend on the size of the poster. Our size options are:

  • A0 Poster Printing (1189 x 841mm)
  • A1 Poster Printing (841mm x 594mm)
  • A2 Poster Printing (594mm x 420mm)
  • A3 Poster Printing (420mm x 297mm)
  • 4-Sheet Poster (1524mm x 1016mm)
  • 2-Sheet Poster (1016mm x 762mm)
  • 1-Sheet Poster (762mm x 508mm)

Secprint aims to accommodate any bespoke request. If you have any special dimension requirements, please contact us directly. Please see our Flyers for A4 printing options.

Poster Printing UK

We can design and print high-quality custom posters for all kinds of displays and applications. If you only require digital posters, we have an expert creative team who can work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with any bespoke requirements so that we can advise and quote your poster printing needs.