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Canvas Banners

Canvas banners are large format signs suitable for indoor and outdoor displays. They are an affordable way to send a message and promote your brand. Install them in your local area to advertise upcoming events or in your venue on the day.

With a variety of size options and quick delivery available, custom canvas banners will be a memorable part of your display!

Professionally Printed Canvas Banners

Full-colour printed canvas banners are a great way to communicate with large audiences. They are suitable for a wide range of displays and installations, helping you to professionally emphasise your brand and send a positive message about your company to many people.

Our custom canvas banners are printed with a non-reflective finish, making them readable from multiple angles and at a distance. This makes them perfect for pre-marketing upcoming events over longer periods of time to pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers in your local area. They can also be used to present important event information in the venue on the day.

Printed canvas banners are a versatile and cost-friendly large-format signage solution. They are extremely durable and can also be strengthened to increase their lifespan. Their brilliant visibility and ease of use make them a top signage choice for many industries.

What Are Custom Canvas Banners Used For?

Custom canvas banners are typically displayed on walls and ceilings as a marketing tool for a variety of industries. They are commonly seen at construction sites, trade shows, sporting events, museums, outdoor seating barriers, and more. They can also be used to enhance brand identity at corporate events, in business reception areas, and even in galleries.

People often use canvas banners to advertise upcoming events or new services and products. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications and locations. They are also a great way to boost your brand or even monetise your event. For example, boxing rings can feature canvas banners around each side to emphasise the event organisers or advertise businesses that sponsor them.

Our Canvas Banner Printing Options

When ordering your canvas banner from Secprint, you can submit your own print-ready artwork, or you can work with our team to create some brilliant new designs for an additional cost.

Our custom canvas banners are printed in full colour onto one side of 550gsm PVC. They will have their edges strengthened and eyelets applied where required.

Secprint offers canvas banners with the following dimensions:

  • 1m x 2.2m - Approx. 3ft x 7ft
  • 1m x 2.5m - Approx. 3ft x 8ft
  • 1m x 2.8m - Approx. 3ft x 9ft
  • 1m x 3.0m - Approx. 3ft x 10ft
  • 1m x 3.4m - Approx. 3ft x 11ft
  • 1m x 3.6m - Approx. 3ft x 12ft
  • 1m x 4.0m - Approx. 3ft x 13ft
  • 1m x 4.3m - Approx. 3ft x 14ft
  • 1m x 4.6m - Approx. 3ft x 15ft

We aim to accommodate any special requests.

Printed Canvas Banners UK

We provide high-quality, professionally printed custom canvas banners for all kinds of events, shows, and other displays.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with your requirements so that we can advise and quote your canvas banner printing needs.

Alternatively, explore our range of Display Graphics & Signage for more cost-effective large-format signage solutions for your business.