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Mounted Boards

Custom mounted boards are large format signs with a variety of temporary and permanent applications. They can come in many different sizes and with quality finishes, making them a hardwearing signage solution suitable for multiple industries and their required installations.

Well-designed dibond boards and foam boards are sure to attract attention and leave a lasting impression!

Professionally Printed Dibond Boards

Mounted boards, also known as dibond signs, are made from an aluminium composite. They are typically used when strength is an important requirement for the desired sign. Aluminium boards are known for being extremely flat, temperature stable, and resistant to physical impact, lasting up to three years outdoors and indefinitely indoors.

Secprint’s professionally printed dibond boards have a range of interior and exterior uses, including informational and directional signage, shop fascia signs, wall signs, and much more. Large format mounted boards are readable at a distance, making them an effective way to reach many people across large rooms and outdoor spaces.

Dibond boards are usually printed in full colour onto one side. Their aluminium-covered polyethylene core makes them a rigid but lightweight signage solution, providing you with stunning results that are sure to attract the attention of potential customers, visitors, and other business connections.

What Are Dibond Boards Used For?

Mounted dibond boards are one of the best forms of outdoor signage. They are strong, weather and wind-resistant, and look fantastic in a wide range of locations and installations. They can also be used in large indoor spaces like schools, colleges, and universities, office interiors, business conferences, museums, and shopping centre floorplans.

People often use dibond signs outdoors to market their company, promote new products, events, and services, or advertise businesses that sponsor them. They can also be used to display car park and venue layouts, advertise on property development hoardings, and much more – the application options are endless!

Professionally Printed PVC Foam Board

Foam boards, or PVC boards, are lightweight and rigid sheets made from a foam core sandwiched between two layers of plastic. They are extremely versatile and cost-effective. Due to their lightweight characteristics, they are effortless to handle and transport.

Foam boards are not quite as durable and hard-wearing as dibond boards, but they still make a brilliant permanent solution for indoors, and a temporary solution for outdoors.  

Secprint’s professionally printed foam boards have a range of interior and exterior uses, including informational and directional signage, shop fascia signs, wall signs, offers and promotions, and much more.

What Is a PVC Foam Board Used For?

Mounted foam boards are one of the best forms of indoor signage. They are strong but lightweight, versatile, practical, and look fantastic in a wide range of locations and installations. They can also be used in outdoor spaces temporarily, for example, for events. 

Their lightweight nature makes a foam board ideal to hang or mount in a range of settings. People often use foam boards to market their company, promote new products, promote events, retail advertising, business meetings, trade show exhibits, and more.

Our Custom Mounted Board Printing Options

When ordering your custom mounted boards from Secprint, you can choose between a range of sizes and finishes. Typically, dibond boards are supplied in standard A-size format or sheet size 8’ x 4’ (2440mm x 1220mm), but bespoke dimensions and shapes can be quoted upon request.

Artwork is printed CMYK, single-sided, onto adhesive vinyl and finished with a hardwearing protective matt, gloss, or dry wipe laminate before being applied to the board. You can also opt for an unlaminated, satin finish if you require.

Our dibond sign size options are:

  • A4 (210mm x 297mm)
  • A3 (297mm x 420mm)
  • A2 (420mm x 594mm)
  • A1 (594mm x 841mm)
  • A0 (841mm x 1189mm)
  • 8’ x 4’ sheet (2440mm x 1220mm)

Secprint offers aluminium boards with a thickness of 3mm. You can also choose to use a complete foam (PVC) board with a thickness of 5mm, depending on your installation requirements.

Our listed prices do not include the cost of our design service. If you require new designs, please contact us for a quotation.

Printed Dibond Signs & Foam Boards UK

We provide high-quality, professionally printed dibond and foam boards suitable for a wide range of applications and displays.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with your requirements so that we can advise and quote your dibond sign printing needs.

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