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Dibond Boards for Business: Boost Your Brand Visibility

Signage is an important part of any business – signs are usually the first interaction a potential customer has with your business, and they will make an impression. Fortunately, with a variety of design options and applications, you get to decide what impression they make!

One of the most popular signage choices for businesses is the dibond board. If done right, dibond boards will draw the attention of your existing clients, potential customers, and other business connections with a clear and memorable message while conveying the personality and identity of your brand.

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What is a Dibond Board?

Dibond, or di bond, is a hardwearing aluminium composite, combining two pre-painted aluminium sheets sandwiched around a core of solid polyethylene. Dibond is best known for its outdoor application and weather resistance. Dibond boards are also suitable for larger indoor spaces, where they can be seen from afar and will last indefinitely.

Up close, dibond boards have a smooth finish and the enamel coating of the aluminium means that printed colours will not easily fade or crack in harsh weather conditions. In some unique cases, they may even be made into a reflective mirror-like surface for brighter finishes or night use.

Benefits of Di Bond Boards

When it comes to business signage, the material you choose plays an important role in the longevity and effectiveness of your signs.


One great feature of dibond boards is that they are fully customisable! They can be cut, routed, or bent into various shapes and sizes while providing quality visuals and key messaging that represents your brand. This makes the dibond board suitable for all kinds of custom sign designs and applications.

Smooth Surface

Dibond is known for offering an extremely smooth, flat surface that delivers sharp, high-resolution artwork when printed. Its pre-coated aluminium also ensures that your printed designs will stay in excellent condition. This results in hardwearing, professional-looking signs that capture attention and convey your message for a long time.

Weather Resistant

One of the key appeals of dibond is that it is highly resistant to weather damage. The material is resistant to temperature fluctuations and its aluminium sheets protect the polyethylene core from moisture. They will also maintain their vibrant colours for long periods when paired with UV-resistant inks. This makes them a suitable sign for outdoor use in various climates.


The combination of two aluminium sheets bonded to a solid polyethylene core provides exceptional durability, making dibond boards ideal for outdoor signs that need to withstand harsh weather conditions. Dibond boards have a lifespan of approximately three years when used outdoors, even when subjected to rain, snow, wind, and sunlight.


Despite its strength and rigidity, dibond is especially lightweight due to its polyethylene core. Dibond boards are also incredibly thin for how durable they are, with a typical thickness of 3 or 4 millimetres. This makes them easy to handle and install, helping to minimise labour and fitting costs when dealing with large or complicated signage projects.


Dibond boards have a variety of interior and exterior uses, including informational and directional signage, shop fascia signs, exhibition boards, advertising, and many more. Since large-format aluminium boards are readable at great distances, they are an effective way to reach a wide range of people across large rooms and outdoor spaces.


Sustainability can be a huge deciding factor for many businesses looking for temporary or permanent marketing material. Fortunately, the aluminium sheets of a dibond board are fully recyclable, and if the polyethylene is not bonded with any other plastics, then the core is recyclable as well. This makes them an environmentally friendly signage solution for your business.

Choosing the Best Di Bond Board for Your Business

Whether you’re looking for directional, promotional, educational, informative, or aesthetic signage for your business - dibond boards will help you stand out from the crowd and make an impact for a long time and from almost anywhere. But how do you choose the best dibond board for your needs?

1) Find the Right Location

Choosing the appropriate location is an essential aspect of effective business signage – you should make sure that as many people as possible can and will see your sign. Consider the traffic in the area, the lighting, and the size of the sign, and find out if it will be easily viewable from a distance if installed there.

2) Select the Right Style

When designing a dibond board, it’s important to choose the right style for your business. Your sign should stand out from the rest and capture the attention of your target audience. Consider the identity of your brand and select a style that reflects it - following your brand guidelines will help achieve consistency throughout your marketing efforts and reinforce your reputation as a professional and trusted organisation.

3) Perfect Your Visuals

Depending on the size of your sign, its purpose, and where it will be displayed, you will need to perfect your visuals. You should ensure the amount of text is small enough to be read and understood quickly, and large enough to be seen clearly from a distance – a strong contrast between the text colour and the background will help it to stand out. Use imagery to help draw the attention of your target audience and emphasise the message you are trying to communicate.

4) Include a Call to Action

Including a call to action will encourage your viewers to take the next step. This could be an invitation to visit your website, gain a discount offer, find you on social media, contact you for more information, and so on – you want to provide enough incentive to persuade your audience to act. From there, it’s up to you.

Dibond Printing from Secprint

Dibond is known for its high quality and varied uses. Whether you’re looking to promote your company’s products, services, or events, organise your exhibition, or map out your venue – dibond boards will make a fantastic signage solution for indoor and outdoor displays.

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