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Our full-colour, custom bookmarks are a fantastic piece of stationery to reinforce your brand and put your message straight into your recipients' hands. They have a variety of applications, making them an effective marketing tool for businesses, charities, sports associations, and many more.

With multiple design options and quick delivery available, our personalised bookmarks are sure to enhance your communications!

Professionally Printed Personalised Bookmarks

Personalised bookmarks are a versatile piece of stationery, which can be used within an organisation to reinforce their company branding or as a marketing tool for businesses looking to put key information straight into the hands of their recipients. By having a practical, well-known function, custom bookmarks are increasingly likely to be kept and used by those who receive one.

Secprint’s printed bookmarks are fully customisable to both sides and finished with or without gloss lamination for optimal durability. When used as a marketing product, they support a wide range of organisations looking to boost their visibility, enhance their reputation, and grow their business.

Our personalised bookmarks are especially popular with sports associations with a junior membership base. In such cases, clubs will print a grading syllabus on the reverse of the bookmark so that students can visually track their progress. This often includes a tick-box system, emphasising the completion of each stage before their grading exam.

What Are Custom Bookmarks Used For?

While sports associations may use personalised bookmarks so that students can track their progress and confidently concentrate on the next stages of their development, they can also be an effective way to nominate roles within the team. This could include child protection officers, welfare officers, treasurers, head coaches, and so on.

Additionally, custom bookmarks are often a great product for businesses, charities, and other organisations to:

  • Reinforce their brand around the workplace
  • Ask for customers to complete reviews / surveys
  • Advertise an upcoming event / fundraiser
  • Promote businesses that sponsor them
  • Use as giveaways, offer as prizes, or sell as merchandise
  • Highlight lesser-known products & services
  • And much more!

Our Personalised Bookmark Printing Options

Secprint's personalised bookmarks are printed in full colour to one or both sides of 350gsm Silk card. Dimensions are 190mm x 55mm as standard, but please get in touch if you require alternative sizes.

You may opt for a gloss lamination finish, which produces a shiny appearance that enhances the colour and vibrancy of the printed ink. It will also contribute to a longer lifespan for the bookmark if used practically by the recipient.

If you require new artwork, reach out for a quotation from our creative team. Alternatively, you can upload your own print-ready designs after you check out. At the very least, your custom bookmark should include your organisation’s contact information. However, you might consider more engaging features such as QR codes linking to your website, reviews, or newsletter signup page.

Custom Bookmark Printing UK

We provide high-quality, professionally printed custom bookmarks for a wide range of organisations, including businesses, charities, and sports associations. Our fully customisable office stationery and marketing materials will help you accelerate your communications and take you a step closer to achieving your business goals.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us at or call 01709 780008 with your requirements so we can advise and quote your personalised bookmark printing needs.