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Compliment Slips

Branded compliment slips can be sent out with product deliveries, brochures, samples, and anything else you might mail to customers and other connections. Sending out compliment slips helps to strengthen your relationships by adding a personal touch.

With multiple design opportunities and quick delivery, printed compliment slips will become an important part of your office stationery!

Professionally Printed Compliment Slips

Printed compliment slips are pieces of paper small enough to fit inside standard envelopes if needed. They are personal notes of thanks or recognition that are sent out with deliveries of products, brochures, samples, and anything else that your business might mail to potential and existing customers.

Professional compliment slips are a great way to make your connections feel important and valued, especially if the personalised note is handwritten. Rather than simply attaching your business card to orders or overcompensating with formal letters, sending out compliment slips will perfectly communicate your appreciation for purchases or interest in your company.

Customisable compliment slips can be used for a range of commercial and personal purposes. They can include logos, branding, contact details, and even foiling, leaving space for notes to be later handwritten or printed. Well-designed compliment slips are a great investment, encouraging new and repeat customers.

What Are Compliment Slips Used For?

Printed compliment slips can be a fantastic way for people to send thanks to guests after small events like weddings, funerals, parties, and more. They can also be sent by event organisers to those who hired them, providing them with branded contact information and reminding them of their quality service.

Businesses often use compliment slips to send out with customer orders, samples, brochures, and other products. Attaching the personal touch and professionalism of a traditional compliment slip will reinforce your brand and help you win new business. Like our custom Business Cards, compliment slips are an important part of your office stationery.

Our Custom Compliment Slip Options

Secprint’s custom compliment slips come as standard DL (99mm x 210mm). They are printed full colour, single-sided, onto 120gsm Uncoated paper.

Please submit any print-ready artwork with a 3mm bleed at 105mm x 216mm. Alternatively, our expert creative team can work with you to create some incredible new designs for a premium.

If you do not see an option you’d like to order, please contact us directly for further assistance.

Compliment Slip Printing UK

We offer high-quality, professionally printed compliment slips for a variety of industries to send out with orders to potential or existing customers.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with any bespoke requirements so that we can advise and quote your compliment slip printing needs.