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Personalised letterheads and continuation sheets are an essential form of correspondence for businesses. They help offices save time when sending letters by having crucial contact information and company branding ready, and they impress recipients with their professional finish.

Maintain your brand image and reputation with printed letterheads and continuation sheets!

Professional Letterhead Printing

With businesses depending more on paperless correspondence, it can be easy to forget about the traditional methods of communicating with customers, companies, and other connections. Letterheads and continuation sheets are still extremely useful tools for businesses to present their brands and contact details.

Letterheads are pre-printed pieces of paper featuring a header outlining your company name, logo, postal address, website address, and other contact details. Continuation sheets are the pieces of paper that follow the first page of a letter if your letter is longer than one A4 page. They usually have less information but have a consistent design.

Letterheads and continuation sheets make it quick and easy for offices to send out letters. The important information is instantly ready to be printed onto, allowing employees to dedicate more time to writing quality letter content. They are also a great way to emphasise your brand and look more professional.

What Are Letterheads & Continuation Sheets Used For?

Businesses that include letterheads as part of their office stationery can improve their reputation and impress their recipients. People often use letterheads when sending out:

  • Cover letters attached to company proposals & presentations
  • Job offers issued to successful interview candidates
  • Invoices & delivery letters sent to customers with products or after a service
  • Notices & news sent to the relevant individuals or companies

And many others!

Letterheads and continuation sheets are usually printed onto high-quality paper – heavier than standard printer paper. They are a stylish, professional way for a wide range of industries to communicate crucial company information in many types of correspondence and are perfect alongside consistently branded office stationery.

Our Letterhead & Continuation Sheet Options

When ordering your letterheads and continuation sheets from Secprint, you should submit your own print-ready artwork with a 3mm bleed at 216mm x 303mm. Our A4 letterheads are finished at 210mm x 297mm. Please note that our listed prices do not include artwork design.

Artwork is printed in full colour, single-sided, onto 120gsm Uncoated paper. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch to discuss our other letterhead printing options.

Letterhead Printing UK

We offer high-quality, professionally printed letterheads and continuation sheets. If you only require a digital letterhead and continuation sheet design, then our expert team can work with you to create some fantastic new layouts.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with any bespoke requirements so that we can advise and quote your letterhead printing needs.