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Sending printed postcards is a traditional way to communicate with people in a brief but eye-catching format. Often used as souvenirs, many companies now use postcards as a unique networking opportunity to connect with customers and other acquaintances.

Be sure to stand out from your competition and build lasting relationships with our printed postcards!

Professionally Printed Postcards

Secprint provides custom postcards to help companies and people build lasting relationships with potential customers, loyal clients, and other business connections. In a world increasingly reliant on social media and other methods of digital communication, postcards are still an effective way to send meaningful messages.

Typically, a postcard is a rectangular card featuring printed artwork on the front and a written message on the back and is suitable for mailing without an envelope. Although postcards are commonly thought to be sent between family and friends on trips and holidays, printed postcards are an important marketing tool for commercial businesses.

Our postcard printing service is also perfect for event organisers who want to send invitations or important information in a unique and interesting way. You could also include QR codes to link your recipients to Google reviews, websites, forms, social media, and more.

What Are Printed Postcards Used For?

Custom printed postcards can be the perfect way to send a thank-you note to people who attended your event, purchased a product or service from you, or helped your business in some way. You can also send them out as invitations for special guests or as promotional cards advertising more of your services when mailing out an order.

Our postcard printing services can help you stand out against competitors by connecting with people in a unique and surprising way. Everyone is used to social media messages and digital communication – with the personal touch of a printed postcard you can make maximum impact and lasting connections.

Our Custom Postcard Printing Options

When ordering your custom postcards from Secprint, you can choose between sizes A6 (105mm x 148mm) and A5 (148mm x 210mm). They can be printed single or double-sided onto 300gsm Silk.

  • For size A6 – please supply artwork with 2mm bleed at 109mm x 152mm.
  • For size A5 – please supply artwork with 3mm bleed at 152mm x 216mm.

For an additional cost, our expert creative team can work with you to produce some fantastic new designs to accommodate your postcard printing needs.

If you can't see an option you’d like to order, please contact us directly – we will aim to help you with any bespoke requests.

Postcard Printing UK

We offer high-quality, professionally printed postcards and other Marketing Material for a wide range of commercial and personal uses.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with any requirements so that we can advise and quote your custom postcard printing needs.