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Folded Leaflets

Folded leaflets offer businesses, charities, health centres, event organisers, and many others the space and capacity to maximise their content and showcase their message in style. They’re an extremely versatile marketing tool, perfect for public spaces, personal deliveries, mailouts, and much more.

With multiple layout and design options, folded leaflets will help you leave a lasting impression on your target audience!

Professional Folded Leaflet Printers

Full-colour folded leaflets are one of the best ways to share a large amount of information in an accessible, compact format. Whether you’re advertising new products and services, marketing promotions and events, or even spreading vital information about health and safety, there’s a style for everyone.

Without the need for staples or binding, the folded leaflet allows you to mass-produce a publication over multiple pages – a great solution for when a single flyer doesn’t provide enough space. Well-designed folded leaflets will attract your readers, leave an impressive statement, and help you be remembered for a long time.

Professionally printed and suited to your budget, our folded leaflets are a great option for mailing or handing out to communicate your message. Choose from two finished sizes and three fold styles to create the perfect bespoke brochure for your goals - personalised and packed with everything you need to engage and inform your target audience.

What Are Folded Leaflets Used For?

Folded leaflets typically come in half folds, roll / letter folds, or z-folds. Half-fold leaflets are folded in half down the centre like a greeting card, while roll and z-fold leaflets are divided into three sections. In roll-fold leaflets, the outer sections fold over one another. Z-fold leaflets, however, are folded into a Z shape, allowing artwork to be featured on each side and viewed in sequence.

Folded leaflets have a variety of uses, including commercial advertising and promotions, newsletters, menus, maps, tourist information, sponsorship, event schedules, and much more. They are a versatile marketing product that businesses, health centres, charities and many others can hand over face-to-face, leave on public transport or in reception areas, or even send as direct mail.

Our Custom Folded Leaflet Printing Options

When ordering your folded leaflets online from Secprint, you can submit print-ready artwork or, for an additional charge, our team can work with you to create some fantastic new designs.

Our folded leaflets are printed in full colour onto 170gsm Silk in the following options:

  • Finished size DL – 6pp (A4 Tri-Folded to form 210mm x 99mm leaflet with 6 printed pages)
  • Finished size A5 – 4pp (A4 folded in half to form 210mm x 148.5mm leaflet with 4 printed pages)

If you opt for a tri-folded leaflet style, please choose between a z-fold or roll-fold finish. All leaflets will be delivered to you pre-folded and ready to go.

Can’t see an option you’d like to order? Talk to us! We will aim to accommodate any bespoke request.

Folded Leaflet Printing UK

We supply a wide range of businesses and other organisations with high-quality, professionally printed promotional materials to enhance their marketing strategies, boost their brands, and communicate their message.

Please contact us at or call 01709 780008 with any bespoke requirements so that we can advise and quote your folded leaflet printing needs.