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Reply Paid Secure Mailers

Reply-paid mailers, also known as tabbed folded self-mailers, offer a secure solution for communicating sensitive data. They are finished with horseshoe gumming seals, perforations for tidy opening, and PPI marks for fast and cost-efficient posting.

Fully customisable and printed in full colour, our folded self-mailers are sure to enhance your marketing strategy!

Reply-Paid Mailers: How to Send Documents Securely by Post

Reply-paid secure mailers, also known as one-piece mail or folded self-mailers, let recipients reply to businesses without paying any postage. First, the sender will either dispatch prepaid business reply mailers through their direct mail in a standard envelope or they will hand them out in person at shows and events / through leaflet dispensers in various public places.

Next, the recipient will respond by filling in the relevant information, sealing it with secure horseshoe gumming, and posting it free of charge. The organisation can then use the perforated edging to reveal the sensitive data without risking damage to it. It’s up to the organisation to pay the postage cost to Royal Mail or other delivery service while receiving these responses.

The primary aim of folded self-mailers is to encourage recipients to respond. By offering a free and easy way for people to reply, organisations can greatly increase the likelihood of getting responses and boost their marketing efforts. A bonus of this strategy is that businesses only need to pay for the responses received during / after the campaign – not all the distributed envelopes.

What Are Folded Self Mailers Used For?

Reply-paid secure mailers are designed with horseshoe gumming and perforations around the edge so they can be sealed securely and opened without destroying the data. They're an especially effective solution for members of the public who are reluctant to fill out online forms.

As an affordable and secure way to gather sensitive information from recipients, our fully customisable folded self-mailers offer numerous benefits, including:

  • A quick takeaway solution for people who don’t have time to fill out forms there and then
  • Sensitive data relating to finances, invoicing, receipts, insurance, medical care, religious beliefs, personal correspondence, or any other information is fully protected from tampering
  • A panel with address details and a PPI mark offers ease of posting

Our Folded Self-Mailer Printing Options

Secprint’s folded self-mailers are typically printed in full colour to both sides of an A5 4-page leaflet on 150gsm Silk stock. The piece is finished with a horseshoe gum that allows the mailer to be securely sealed when moist.

Your reply-paid secure mailer will feature a panel with address details and a PPI mark, providing ease of posting for your recipient. The perforated edging ensures a tamperproof solution that also allows easy opening without damaging the contents. As standard, your order will not include regular envelopes.

You can upload your artwork after you check out. Alternatively, our creative specialists can work closely with you to create some incredible new designs and offer professional guidance on how to best make use of the product.

One Piece Mail Printing UK

We produce high-quality, professionally printed folded self-mailers for a wide range of organisations looking to boost the returns on their marketing communications. Our complete range of Marketing Materials offers many advantages for a variety of applications, helping you increase your reach and grow your business.

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