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Bring-A-Friend Vouchers

Encourage new members with our brand-boosting bring-a-friend vouchers. Simply offer free admission to your current students or guests if they bring a friend or family member to your next session or event.

With multiple design options and quick delivery available, branded bring-a-friend vouchers are sure to build your membership base!

Professionally Printed Bring-A-Friend Vouchers

Bring-a-friend vouchers provide your regular students / guests with a free pass voucher for their next session if they invite a friend to join. All they need to do is fill in their name, the name of their referee, and other relevant identification before attending the next event with their chosen friend or relative.

Our bring-a-friend vouchers are bespoke to your brand and the needs of your organisation or club so you can build an image of credibility and trust. This is hugely important for strengthening relationships with your loyal connections, while also being able to grow your memberships and network to achieve your business objectives.

At Secprint, you can order vouchers in books of 50 with a single perforation and counterfoil for ease of distribution and tracking. They provide space for your company name, logo, contact information, and any other variable data, including expiry dates, terms and conditions, and special offers.

What Are Bring-A-Friend Vouchers Used For?

Sports clubs and event promoters often use branded bring-a-friend vouchers to secure strong relationships with their current connections while encouraging them to bring along new members to join the organisation.

For example, clubs that practise martial arts, boxing, and other sporting activities can give their students a free pass voucher for their next session if they bring a friend or family member with them. They can also be given to regular attendees at larger sports competitions, such as boxing and rugby, to encourage them to invite someone they know to the next event.

This is a great opportunity to retain existing members and gain new leads that will provide regular payments so you can grow your business and succeed in the future.

Our Branded Bring-A-Friend Voucher Printing Options

Secprint’s bring-a-friend vouchers are printed in full colour, single-sided onto 100gsm uncoated stock. All our vouchers are 210mm x 74mm as standard and are bound into books of 50.

Your branded bring-a-friend vouchers will be sequentially numbered on the voucher and the stub so you can easily track your conversion rate and measure your success.

Don’t have artwork? Simply send your company logo and contact details (including your email address, phone number, and website URL) and we will email a standard proof for your approval before printing the vouchers.

For alternative sizes, bespoke artwork, or added security features, please get in touch for a quotation.

Free Pass Voucher Printing UK

We print high-quality branded bring-a-friend and free pass vouchers for a wide range of sports clubs and event promoters, helping you build lasting relationships with your current connections and encourage new memberships for the future.

Please contact Secprint at or call 01709 780008 with any bespoke requirements so that we can advise and quote your sports marketing and bring-a-friend voucher printing needs.